Rants and Raves from the unfiltered mind of Karol

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Hi there Mona and I would like to welcome you to our website. We are not two little girls from Little Rock (first clue) in fact I (83) am from California and Mona (33) is from Saudi Arabia. How in the world did we become best friends and business partners? I’m so glad you asked because I plan to share our very unusual journey with each of you.  The first rule of business is to talk about your business, and I promise we will certainly do that.

We are committed to bringing our customers the best products available and to offer these products at a competitive price. We will bring you the latest trends for the kitchen like blenders that blend; mixers that mix; choppers that chop; fryers that fry; slicers that slice; cookers that cook; smokers that smoke; brewers that brew; stirrers that stir the list is almost endless.

Let us find those products like small appliances, unusual and helpful utensils, or everyone’s favorite that kitchen gadget you saw, you can’t remember where you saw it, but you saw it and you want it. You know down deep in your soles, the ones in your shoes, that this little gadget will work wonders and save you time and money.

Okay I get it, we’re the new kids on the block and why should you let us in the game? We believe we can offer you that unique and unusual product, the one you see on tv at 2 a.m. in the morning. Or maybe it was in a magazine or in the newspaper. Newspaper, what’s that, just kidding we don’t think you saw it the newspaper. Our promise is we will search and reach out to our suppliers; we will troll the internet; we will stay awake and watch every info commercial we can; we will climb the highest mountain and sail the seven seas – wait, that last part isn’t going to happen. Mona does not climb mountains and I get seasick – ’nough said. We will strive to be your go to one stop shopping destination to serve you with accurate and fair data for all your kitchen shopping needs.

A word about Christmas, I know I know, it’s not even Halloween and I mention Christmas. I just don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to maybe do a little early Christmas shopping while you’re waiting to pass out the candy you bought for the little people dressed in a myriad of costumes. We are gathering some information as I type this masterpiece, to find some very affordable Christmas presents for that hostess gift, or the Kris Kringle gift at work, or Aunt Millie who remembers you every Christmas with her latest knitted fashion. A gadget for the kitchen is always appreciated by cooks around the world.


Thanks for your attention and we look forward to seeing you soon as a customer or just check us out every now and then, you never know what will come out of my somewhat unfiltered brain, a story, a recipe, an invention, even a new destination to think about.

That’s a 30. I know this really dates me but how many of you know what it means? Don’t get excited you’re not going to win a mixer or the latest air fryer, not even a silicon spoon holder, give us a break we are just starting out. But another promise – You help us by ordering your every kitchen need and we will reward you with some unusual items from around the world.

I lied that was not a 30. You may wonder why I think we will be unique and creative with our products. Yes, we have what everyone else has right now, but we are working with a great team, each other. I will cover the Americas, north and south, Canada, Mexico, etc. while my partner, Miss Mona will cover Europe, the gulf countries, and Africa. Imagine if you will a honey dipping system from some country which for now is nameless. Or that very unusual, yet classical cup that is hand painted with a delicate, yet seasoned hand. Boasting you say, no way, we were born for this business. We are two women, one older than dirt – that be me, the other young, fresh and loves to spend money, that be Mona. So, you see with me in California and Mona in Saudi, we have a wide range of shopping items available for our creative and unique offerings.

Now, that’s a 30!