Time to pack the winter clothes.

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Time to pack the winter clothes.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the closet space to fit my winter and summer clothes. You know the bulky sweat shirts, down jacket, and hoodies with Mickey Mouse, Star Wars etc. themes on the front. Not to mention the blankets, the ones that keep you all snuggly during those winter nights. You could just put them in a plastic bag I guess, but that is so trashy, those bags are meant for trash not your winter attire.

Have no fear, I found the perfect solution. These Fixwal under the bed storage bags are perfect and you still have your clothes close at hand. The plastic see through windows all you to see what is inside the bag which is a nice feature. These bags come in various sizes, but I am just writing about the under the bed ones, since these are the ones that I have tired. The reinforced zipper is a definite plus, and I like the handles as well. I think you will be amazed at just how much these bags can hold. I only used two and managed to put all my winter attire and blankets neatly and safely stored under my bed. I used the other two bags in my closet for my extra towels and sheets and a myriad of other items that don’t fit in my dresser or handing in my closet.

Measuring at 23.6”(L) x 16.5”(W) x 5.9”(H), they are the perfect size to hide under your bed for easy access. I also like the quilted pattern that gives the bag a little classier look than just a plain black plastic bag. All in all these bags really are a very neat and durable way to store your clothes, blankets, and other items. One never thinks about under the bed for storage for the most part. I say give those dust bunnies a run for their money and use this space for storage. You can find these useful bags on a number of sites but Amazon.com, or click here, is where I found them. Oh, I forgot to mention that there seems to be a large variety of these bags at some pretty hefty prices. You have a plethora (I love that word) of choices, but the bags I chose to get and write about are low-priced, but do the job. Ergo (love this word too) why spend the extra money if you can get the same thing at a more reasonable price?


These are the solid black bags, but I chose the quilted look as I like the look of them.