1pc Squeeze Sauce Bottle, Leak Proof Refillable Condiment Container For Salad Ketchup Honey Jam, Squeeze Sauce Bottle Oyster Sauce Squeeze Bottle, Home Kitchen Supplies



About this item

  • Porous Condiment Squeeze Bottles – Design of 5 hole nozzles which can evenly and quickly sprinkled on the surface of food, prevent leakage and squeeze out in a filamentary manner, food tastes better and also prevent waste
  • Wide Application – Our squeeze bottles are ideal for different condiments, salad dressings, top dispensers for ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauces, oil, honey, BBQ sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, melted chocolate, pancake mix, maple syrup, caramel, peanut butter, sushi sauce and any other liquid. Ideal squeeze bottles for cooking at home, in bar or cafe
  • Impeccable Design – Our squeeze bottles are natural translucent in color and with the clear scale on the bottle body, so you can see the content level in the bottle and keep track of the capacity easily. With the lid design, not only prevent accidental leakage, but are also ideal for pre cut nozzles to contain viscous liquids
  • Easy to Operate – With the soft bottle body, it’s easy to extrude and control dosage, can extrude beautiful shape in a simple way, children can also use it easily
  • Food-grade Material – The condiment squeeze bottles are made of high quality soft durable food-grade material, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe, just rest assured to use